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Stop, Wasp, and Roll: Your Guide to Arizona Wasp Control

A colony of paper wasps nest on the gutter of a home, flying in and out of their home

Though warmer weather brings many exciting things—suntans, cold lemonade, pool parties, beach days, boating adventures, and more—there are some unwanted pests that also enjoy the heat. 

In Arizona, several types of wasps make themselves known in the summer months. Keep reading to find out which wasp species to be on the lookout for and how Burns Pest Elimination can help with all your pest removal needs

Common Species of Wasps in Arizona

The Black Wasp

Though several species of wasps exist around Arizona, they aren’t all the same or even all dangerous. 

The most common type of wasp in Arizona is the black wasp. This species can look scary with a blue-black body and orange wings. They can be almost two inches long and prefer avoiding the hottest parts of the day, like most humans. 

Black wasps aren’t considered aggressive but do tend to have the most painful stings of any insect. However, it does take some provoking to get stung by one of these painful buggers. 

The Yellow, Navajo, and Arizona Paper Wasps

Three other species you may encounter include the yellow paper wasp, the Arizona paper wasp, and the Navajo paper wasp. As a whole, paper wasps build smaller nests than other types. 

The yellow paper wasp can be identified by its yellow coloring, the Navajo paper wasp from its deep brown and yellow colors, and the Arizona paper wasp by its smaller size and brownish-red colors. 

Generally, paper wasps are social insects that only sting when their nests are disturbed. These nests are umbrella-shaped and look like they are made of paper, often being built in protected locations including shrubs, porches, door frames, attic rafters, and under decks. If you think you may have a wasp nest near your home or business, tread lightly — these pests tend to get aggressive when they sense threat of danger to their home.

Get Professional Wasp Control from the Experts at Burns Pest Elimination

While you can help prevent a wasp infestation from happening before it begins by properly sealing holes in your home and moving sources of food, such as flowers, these pesky pests often find a way to make themselves at home near you whether you like it or not. These pests are quite dangerous when provoked, so if you see a nest hanging from the rafters of your building, its best to leave its removal to the professionals. Thankfully, Burns Pest Elimination has professionals who know how to handle these wasp situations.

Contact us at Burns Pest Elimination for any of your pest removal needs — our experts put customers first and have 35-years of experience removing unwanted pests in Arizona. Request a quote today!