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Good Bee, Bad Bee: How to Tell the Difference

As you’ve likely noticed, there’s been a growing push over the last several years to protect the world’s declining bee population. While many people are afraid of bees, they actually play a vital role in nature by pollinating crops and helping maintain ecological balance. This is certainly the case in the Grand Canyon State, as many of the common types of bees in Arizona are extremely helpful to the environment.

Due to their natural importance, you shouldn’t view bees as the enemy. That being said, there are some species of bee that are less productive than others. Many bees can be extremely invasive, and their nesting can be harmful to property. They can even sometimes be violent, swarming and attacking humans and/or pets.

Continue reading for more about how to tell the difference between bees and other tips for bee control in Arizona.

Which Types of Bees Are Good

Several types of bees in Arizona spend their time focused on one thing: keeping their colonies healthy. You usually see honeybees or bumblebees buzzing around flowers as they feed and collect pollen and nectar to bring back to the hive. These are some of the most common bees in Arizona.

In most cases, these bees aren’t a threat and will only sting when provoked. Honeybees gather into swarms when establishing a new colony, but this normal behavior is nothing to be afraid of as long as you leave them alone. However, if you discover a bee problem at your home or business, you should still not hesitate to bring in professional Arizona stinging insect control.

Which Types of Bees Are Bad?

Carpenter bees have an annoying habit of burrowing that isn’t a direct concern when it comes to personal safety but can cause damage to unprotected wood structures. If you have an unfinished or unpainted porch, windows, doors or deck, large carpenter bees may take it as an invitation to excavate a spot for laying eggs. When this happens, you can expect more bees to emerge unless the problem is taken care of. Too many holes are not only unsightly but may also lead to structural problems.

Are Bees Dangerous?

There are some circumstances in which bees can be a serious threat. Africanized honey bees, sometimes referred to as “killer bees,” were created by cross-breeding of regular honey bees with Tanzanian queen bees accidentally released in the U.S. These aggressive bees have been known to chase and sting multiple times when disturbed.

Swarms tend to move on within a few days, but established hives can persist for months or years. In addition to being a threat to people, Africanized honey bees can also edge out indigenous bees, creating potential problems for the native population.

Get Expert Bee Control in Arizona with Burns Pest Elimination

Out of all the ways to keep your home safe from bees, the simplest is to fill in any potential entry holes and installing screens on windows and doors. Check periodically for swarms or hives, and give all bees a wide berth. Watch out for excessive numbers or unusual swarms. This could indicate a potentially dangerous situation.

If you find yourself dealing with a bee problem, don’t take it on by yourself. Bring in the pros at Burns Pest Elimination. Using careful techniques, the specialists at Burns remove problem bees from your home and yard before they can cause harm or damage. Request an estimate online or contact us directly to learn more about our guaranteed methods of bee control in Arizona today!