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The Annoying Cricket Choir

Discouraging house crickets from making themselves at home House crickets are considered good pets in some countries, but for most people, these relatives of grasshoppers and locusts are just plain annoying. They may be less than an inch long and sport an unassuming gray or…

Can Birds Really Do That?

4 Destructive Powers of Pests on the Wing You don’t look at a flock flying overhead and picture property damage on the wing. Those warblers in the backyard sound sweet without a hint of harm to home or business. Our Arizona birds don’t intentionally hatch…

The Truth About Dealing With Rats

Avoid these risky rodent control errors! Roof rats invade numerous buildings in Nevada and Arizona. Norway rats occasionally do the same, but they remain rare in this part of the country. Both species can cause serious problems. They spread diseases, contaminate food, destroy insulation and spark fires…