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Why Do Rodents Invade in the Winter?


When Cooler Temperatures Roll In, So Do Pesky Rodents

No matter the size of your home, finding rats or mice hiding out is never fun. After all, these pesky critters can cause a wealth of comfort and health problems. Winter can be a particularly tough time for homeowners who are dealing with rodent infestations as furry pests are seeking out a warm place to spend the winter. Combating a winter-time rodent infestation means both understanding why rodents come in during the winter months and what you can do about it.

Why do Rodents Head Inside in the Winter?

Like humans, rodents are warm-blooded mammals that must control their environment in order to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Unlike some critters, rodents simply can’t survive outdoors when temperatures drop. In the wild, these rodents often head into caves or dig burrows in the ground in order to stay warm.

Rats and mice who can access human homes during the winter generally opt to head inside, especially if they can find insulated areas where they can keep warm. This is because your home and other buildings on your property are likely temperature controlled, insulated and offer cozy hiding places.

Of course, rodents also head inside during the winter to seek food. Much like humans, they can no longer rely on warm-weather food sources. Instead, they tend to ransack human kitchens and pantries. You’ll likely notice rats doing so before mice as rats tend to be messy eaters and will scatter food.

Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home Year-Round

As you look forward to cooler temperatures in the Phoenix and Tucson areas, it’s essential to take steps to rodent-proof your home. Keeping rodents out in the first place will help you avoid an infestation. Of course, no tactic is foolproof. There may be times when you need to call a rodent control specialist to help get rid of rats and mice.

To discourage rodents from entering your home, be sure to:

If you’ve done your best to keep rodents out of your home but are still facing an infestation, it’s time to call in the professionals. The knowledgeable team at Burns Pest Elimination is here to help tackle all of your rodent problems. Contact us today.