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Why Are Scorpions Attracted to Your Home?

Where there are desert climates, you will likely find a scorpion or two — meaning if you live in the arid southwestern states, there’s a chance you may have stumbled upon one of these creepy and dangerous arachnids in your house.

It may seem obvious, but the best way to eliminate a scorpion infestation in your home is to prevent them from taking up residence in the first place. This blog from Burns Pest Elimination will go over common scorpion attractants, so you can take steps to avoid an outbreak in your Arizona or Nevada home in the future.

Things That Attract Scorpions

Just like any living thing, scorpions need food, water, and shelter to survive — each of which can be found in abundance inside of residential homes and businesses. Here are the things that Arizona scorpions are searching for the most when choosing their next nesting site:


While scorpions can survive for several months without food, water is a very necessary resource that is hard to come by in the desert. Because of this, a scorpion in need of water will enter buildings in search of moisture to quench their thirst.


Despite their ability to live for a long time without food, scorpions won’t just pass by a food source if they come upon one. Be sure to get your house treated for other bugs as small pests (including spiders and centipedes) are one of the primary food sources for Arizona scorpions.

Rotting Wood and Leaves

Damp foliage and lumber provide a wonderful home for scorpions to keep them nice and cool in the desert heat. To decrease the chances of getting a scorpion infestation, remain diligent in clearing out any rotting or damp foliage, logs, bark, straw, or mulch from your yard.


Scorpions are always looking to stay out of the heat, seeking out dark spaces to rest and mostly remaining active at night so they can preserve water and hunt prey in the cover of darkness. Because of this, basements are a prime spot for scorpions to nest. Blacklights are effective for uncovering these elusive pests, so if you fear an outbreak has occurred in your home, we recommend using one to check every crack, crevice, and covered spot in your basement for Arizona scorpions.

How to Get Rid of Scorpions in Arizona

Now that you know more about what attracts scorpions to your Arizona home or business, there are steps you can take to decrease your chances of an outbreak occurring down the road:

  • Check your indoor and outdoor plumbing systems for leaks, including pipes, hoses, and sprinkler systems. Scorpions are looking for easy access to water, and leaks provide it to them in abundance.
  • Keep your house clean and clear of clutter, so insects are less attracted to your home. This will eliminate a vital food source for scorpions, making them less likely to infest. Make sure that all food is properly stored and spills are cleaned up, and be sure to pick up any clothes or other items on the floor that provide cover for pests.
  • Make sure that your yard remains tidy and free of debris to eliminate scorpion hiding spots, and consider moving plants and other shrubs away from the foundation of your home so pests aren’t tempted to move inside when feeding or nesting in the vegetation.

Even if you diligently keep up with these practices, scorpions may still find their way inside. When this happens, it’s best to leave it up to professionals that know how to safely and properly get rid of them. If you find yourself in need of safe and effective Arizona scorpion control, contact Burns Pest Elimination. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, our team of knowledgeable experts have what it takes to take the sting out of a scorpion infestation. Request your free quote today!