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Why Are There Ants in My Kitchen?

No one wants to see insects inside the house, and spotting ants in the kitchen is especially unappetizing. It’s important to know why ants make their way inside your family’s eating space—and how to get rid of an infestation. Burns Pest Elimination provides Arizona pest control services and ant control tips to help you take back family mealtime.

Where There’s One Ant…

The bad news is that the ants you see probably represent only a fraction of the number living in your home. Worse still, killing these stragglers will do little or nothing to stop the problem. In fact, it causes them to scatter, sometimes making it more difficult to figure out where they came from.

Ant Detective Work

If you catch unsuspecting ants in the kitchen or anywhere else, try following them to figure out where they’re hiding and where they’re headed. When ants find moisture and food, they may create satellite colonies. The pests then release pheromones to let the colony know to follow them back to their honey hole. Knowing where they enter and leave can be helpful when it comes to getting rid of ants in Arizona.

Preventive Ant Control in Arizona and Nevada

Although a little background information always helps, our Arizona pest control pros know how to draw these pests out of hiding and safely eliminate them. Once they’re gone, help prevent a re-occurrence with the following ant control tips:

Ants are small and sneaky, making it easy to enter the tiniest of spaces. Inspect your home’s outside walls, foundation, and entryways for holes, cracks, gaps, or damaged screens. Seal or repair them immediately.

The Burns Pest Control team provides safe, effective ant control to our residential and commercial customers in Arizona and Las Vegas. Whether you need Arizona pest control for ants in the kitchen or want to know how to prevent an infestation, we can help. Contact us to schedule an inspection, or request your free quote today. Our friendly staff will help you get started with the process of taking back your house from invasive, annoying ants.