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When Is My Home Most at Risk for a Termite Infestation?

Subterranean Termites.

Know When to Be Vigilant and Prepared

According to the University of Arizona, termites are thenumber one urban pest” in our fair state. These voracious pests can chew through the wood that supports our homes, destroying our walls and foundation. Although they’re a constant presence in infested homes, new infestations tend not to occur all year long. If you’re worried about the presence of termites in your home, you’ll want to know when you run the highest risk of hosting a new infestation.

Does Arizona Have a “Termite Season?”

The termites that do the most damage in our neck of the woods tend to be active and mobile for about eight months out of the year. This period basically coincides with the cool and wet seasons. Within this active season, termite colonies practice breeding behavior known as “swarming.” New colonies are most likely to form during this time.

Depending on what the weather is up to in any given year, activity usually picks up in August or September and continues through March. During drier, warmer years, this active period may be delayed until later in the fall. In wet years that feature an early start to the monsoon season, it’s not unheard-of for activity to pick up in July. That’s why it’s important to remain vigilant in all but the driest, hottest months.

How to Protect Your Home from Invaders

If you’re worried that your home is at risk for a termite infestation, you can take some preventative measures:

Of course, a suspected termite infestation can be a serious problem. If you find evidence of termites in your home, contact a professional pest control company to stop the termites in their destructive tracks.

Find Affordable, Effective Pest Control Services in Phoenix and Tucson

Although termites are more active during swarming season and periods when the soil’s moisture content is high, their destructive habits can impact Arizona homeowners and business owners at any time of year. If you’re dealing with an infestation that you’d like controlled or removed, we’re happy to give you the support you require.