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Tips for Keeping Carpenter Bees Out of Your Wood

Pest Control in Phoenix and Tucson: Carpenter Bees

With all of the talk about honeybees dying off, you might be wondering if carpenter bees are in trouble as well. Carpenter bees are a large species of bee that’s known for nesting in the soft wood of trees, plants or man-made structures. Due to their larger size, many people are afraid of them, but they rarely sting when unprovoked. But unlike honey bees, they are not considered to be endangered.

Recognizing Carpenter Bees

To make their nests, carpenter bees dig into soft wood and create chambers where they can breed. This usually doesn’t cause that much damage at first, but if you ignore the problem too long, the bees could continue to hollow out the wood. This will weaken the overall structure over a long enough period.

You may have carpenter bees if:

• You see a large amount of carpenter bees hanging around a certain area of your home, such as a windowsill, a deck, the shingles on your roof or any other wooden structure.

• You notice small piles of sawdust and droppings outside of a small tunneled-out area of wood.

Protecting Your Home from Carpenter Bees

1. Seal Weathered Surfaces

When your home becomes weathered, some of the wooden surfaces will develop cracks, ridges, bumps and other uneven surfaces. Use caulk to seal these surfaces, which may encourage carpenter bee entry if left unchecked. If you notice tunnels that have already been created, you can seal these as well. This will prevent future generations from being born within your structure.

2. Paint the Wood

Painting is another fun and simple way to seal the wood on your home. A layer of paint will discourage carpenter bees. If it has been a few years since you painted your home, and you’re having problems with carpenter bees, now is the time to consider a fresh coat.

3. Schedule Regular Pest Control Services

If you want to ensure that your home is free of carpenter bees and all other pests, your best bet is to schedule regular pest inspections. Our technicians at Burns Pest Elimination in Phoenix and Tucson will go to great lengths to make sure your home has a clean bill of health.

If you’re ready to schedule an inspection, contact us today.