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The Real Reason Your House is Overrun with Roaches

Are You Inadvertently Inviting Roaches Into Your Home?

Unless you live with a hungry iguana, a cockroach is probably one of the last things you ever want to see in your home. These resilient pests are always looking for a new home, and once they’ve established themselves in your home, they’re like a bad guest who refuses to leave. They’ll eat all your food, trample over every surface, and they’ll never clean up after themselves. Roach killer is a temporary solution, but until you deal with the root cause of your roach invasion, you can expect to share your home with cockroaches.

What Attracts Roaches to Your Home?

As persistent and infuriating as a cockroach invasion can be, the root causes of every infestation are the same. Roaches want the same things as every other animal: food, water and shelter. If your home provides an abundant supply of all three, no amount of roach killer will keep these dirty, disease-carrying pests away from your home. Even if you kill one infestation, it’s only a matter of time before a new infestation decides to try its luck in your home.


Nothing attracts roaches like food. It doesn’t matter whether the food’s fresh or rotten; if the roaches can smell it, that’s all the invitation they need. To keep roaches away, clean up food as soon as you’re finished with it, and don’t leave food sitting around. Keep your garbage tightly sealed to prevent your rotting food from summoning an unholy army of roaches.


Roaches need a good drink every now and then. However, since they’re so small, it doesn’t take much water to satisfy a thirsty roach. A leaky pipe provides plenty of water to keep an entire nest of roaches watered. Inspect your pipes for leaks periodically and fix them before they bring a family of six-legged invaders calling.


Roaches might be able to survive a nuclear winter, but even they seek shelter to feel safe from common everyday hazards like shoes and rolled-up newspapers. Roaches don’t need a fancy mansion with multiple bedrooms and a landscaped lawn to feel secure; a fallen-down shelf or a stack of newspapers in a forgotten corner is plenty comfortable for a cockroach. Keeping your home well-organized and free of clutter can reduce the number of places that a cockroach can call home.

Keeping your home roach-free is as simple as cleaning up after yourself and keeping your home well-maintained. Despite your best efforts, however, you may still find yourself playing host to a family of roaches. If you need help dealing with a stubborn roach infestation, please contact us at Burns Pest Elimination. We’ve been helping our neighbors in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson stay pest-free for years.