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The Benefits of Year-Round Weed Control in the Desert

A close-up picture of green grass, with someone mowing their fenced-in lawn with a push mower in the background.

It’s hard enough to grow and maintain a beautiful yard in Arizona and Nevada’s intense heat and sun. The last thing you need is weeds popping up and destroying your hard work. In this blog from Burns Pest Control, we have identified common desert weeds to look out for and mapped out how year-round weed control services can help you have the yard of your dreams come summertime.  

Common Desert Weeds to Look Out For

With rain being a rare resource to come by in the desert environment, the last thing you want are weeds stealing water and nutrients from the plants and grass in your yard. The first step to Arizona weed control is identifying the weeds in your yard — after identification, you can develop a plan to get rid of them. According to the city of Chandler, Arizona, many Arizona weeds fall under “grass-type” and “broadleaf weed” categories, and common desert weeds to look out for include: 

  • Crabgrass
  • Bermudagrass
  • Nutgrass
  • Johnson grass
  • Foxtail
  • Puncture vines
  • Pigweed
  • Cheese weed
  • Bur clover
  • London rocket

Grass-type weeds love to blend in with regular grass to avoid detection as they take over your yard, and may pop up in gravel areas as well. Many times, it you can catch these weeds early enough, using a small shovel or your hands to completely remove the weed and its roots can effectively get rid of your problem before it grows out of control. 

Benefits of Year-Round Weed Control

At Burns Pest Elimination, we offer year-round weed control services to our customers. Year-round weed control can prevent weeds from growing in your yard entirely, as treatments are applied consistently that stop the weeds before they’re able to thrive. There are plenty of reasons why year-round weed control is important, as it helps combat the following facts: 

  • Weeds start to grow in the spring: By spraying a preventative treatment, you can stop the spring weeds in their tracks before they have a chance to show up. Once you see visible weeds, they can spread quickly because their seeds can blow throughout the yard. You can prevent further weed growth by eliminating their ability to show up at all. 
  • Some weeds thrive in the summer heat: Many people believe that spring is the best time to spray for weeds, but in reality, some weeds continue to germinate throughout the summer. Continuing weed control services can help to prevent this growth. 
  • Weeds still grow in the winter: In the desert, weeds can still grow during the winter months. Continuing weed control services during this time can prevent growth during the months when you think you are in the clear. 

Ultimately, year-round weed control for your yard stops Arizona weeds from showing up both in the peak season and beyond, so you’ll never have to worry about saving your yard from an outbreak that may take extensive treatments and layers of sod being laid down to fix. 

Are You Sick of Year-Round Weeds? We Can Help!

Arizona weed control services are available across the state if you’re struggling to identify the weeds in your yard. At Burns Pest Elimination, we can provide year-round weed control services and give you tips on controlling weeds in your yard. Our team members are experts at desert weed identification and can help you to determine what is growing in your yard.

Contact us today, and a team member can provide a quote for the cost of our year-round services.