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The 5 Spider Control Tricks Every Homeowner Should Know

Protect your family from these not-always-friendly pests.

Have you ever heard that spiders are the friendliest types of pests to have? They capture mosquitoes and other annoying insects in their webs. However, spiders can be just as annoying. In Arizona and Nevada, some species of spiders are venomous. Be your own spider exterminator. Keep these creepy-crawlies out of your home with these DIY solutions for spider control.

1. Essential Oils

Use essential oils for spider control. Spiders don’t like certain essential oils. These include peppermint, tea tree and citrus oils. Mix a few drops of oil with water in a spray bottle. Apply regularly to baseboards, window frames, door frames and corners in which spiders hang out. You can also tuck a few cotton balls drizzled with these oils into cracks where the spiders may enter your home.

2. Hot Sauce

Using a solution that contains something spicy can prevent spiders from making their webs in your home. Cayenne pepper, jalapeno peppers and tabasco sauce have been used with promising results. Make your own mixture by combining mashed peppers, several drops of hot sauce or powdered cayenne with water and a squirt of dish soap. Spray in areas in which you see spiders or you think spiders can enter your home.

3. Sticky Traps

Many chemicals that are used to exterminate bugs aren’t effective on spiders. Because spiders have long legs, they don’t drag their bodies along the ground. Therefore, they don’t come in contact with the products that kill other pests. Using sticky traps can help capture spiders. When the spiders enter the traps, they won’t be able to move. Set up glue traps anywhere you’ve seen spiders. Tuck them under furniture, next to baseboards and in corners. The more traps you set, the more spiders you’re likely to catch. Using glue traps can help you pinpoint the source of an infestation.

4. Get Rid Of Hiding Places

Brown recluse spiders like to hide in wood, cardboard boxes, shoes and other quiet nooks. If you eliminate clutter from your home, you’re less likely to encourage these spiders from getting comfortable. Store items in plastic boxes that can be sealed with lids. Don’t shove magazines, books, shoes and dirty clothes under your bed. Keep ivy, plants, rock piles and wood far away from the perimeter of your house.

5. Eliminate Other Pests

Spiders feed on insects. If you don’t allow other insects to congregate in and around your home, you won’t create a feast for spiders. Don’t use outside lighting at night. Spray or dust around your house with insecticide. Use a professional pest control expert to evaluate and treat your property.

If spiders in your Las Vegas, Phoenix or Tucson home are bugging you, contact us. Use an expert spider exterminator if your efforts aren’t keeping your property free of pests.