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Spiders in Your Home: Friends or Foes?

For some of us, the thought of anything with eight legs lurking in the shadows is enough to trigger nightmares. But are arachnids more dangerous than beneficial? The Arizona and Las Vegas pest control techs at Burns Pest Elimination provide spider control to homes and businesses, and we can shed some light on spiders in Arizona and the Las Vegas area.

Spider Bite Symptoms

Most spiders in Arizona and elsewhere are relatively harmless. With a few exceptions, spider bites may cause pain or discomfort but don’t require medical attention. However, some bites from even non-poisonous spiders can cause complications if left untreated. Call your doctor if you experience one or more of these symptoms within half an hour to eight hours after being bitten:

Don’t ignore symptoms. Though few spider bites are life-threatening, serious injury can occur as the wound worsens.

When to Call for Arizona Pest Control

The severity of poisonous spiders’ bites varies. However, you should always use caution if you spot one of the following spiders:

Most spiders only bite defensively. Avoid touching or cornering spiders, especially if you’re not able to identify them. Spider control is a must in this situation; call immediately for safe removal by an experienced technician.

Beneficial Spiders

While being able to identify dangerous spiders is important, you should also know that spiders serve an important purpose. Besides fighting and eating other spiders, including black widows and other dangerous varieties, they feast on the following types of pests:

Spiders eat as many as 2,000 pests a year. In addition to making your home more comfortable by cutting the size of its pest population, spiders reduce the spread of disease and prevent crops from being destroyed. It’s even said that spiders are responsible for fending off famine!

Take Back Your Home from Spiders with Burns Pest Elimination

Although spiders aren’t all bad, we suspect you don’t want to share your living space with them. Besides being creepy, they sometimes leave webs and dark marks on your floors, walls, and furniture. In addition, their mere existence lets you know you probably have other pests in the house. Arizona pest control and Las Vegas pest control services can help eliminate spiders along with the bugs that drew them into your home in the first place. Call the friendly team at Burns Pest Elimination today, or contact us online for a quote!