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Selling Your House? How A Pest Control Service Gets It Sold Faster

House with family standing in front of it.

Don’t Let Bugs or Rodents Scare Away Home Buyers

If you’re in the real estate business or selling your own home, you need every advantage. Get an edge in one of the easiest ways possible: partnering with an experienced pest control service. While staging experts, professional cleaners and other providers offer valuable services, warding off creepy crawlers is one function that should never be overlooked.

Hidden Problems in the Home

Real estate may be all about location, but if potential buyers catch even a fleeting glimpse of a rodent or insect, the sale is most likely lost. Whether you’re the resident or agent, you may not be aware of an infestation. From termites to ants, many pests leave behind few or no clues to their existence. The last thing you want is for a buyer or inspector to find evidence of a problem before you do.

Pest Infestation Signs

Pest prevention and control experts can find out if there’s an issue before the first showing. Whether performing a termite inspection or looking for signs of other pests, pest control professionals are adept at finding the sneakiest of hidden tenants. From following carpenter ants‘ tell-tale wood shavings to identifying rodent runways, experienced technicians can find and alert you to problems you didn’t know existed.

Pest Control on Your Schedule

Once pest issues have been identified, treatments can begin. With showings occurring during the evening, on weekends or at other odd times, you need a pest control service team with flexible hours. Quick response times are essential, especially when last-minute showings pop up. Few real-estate courses recommend turning down a possible buyer for any reason, so make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected.

Go the extra mile and really impress your next client by scheduling your home inspection and termite inspection at the same time. Move the process along by receiving your termite report on-site, day or night.

Hire a Professional Termite Inspector

From preventing cockroach sightings to stopping buyers from backing out due to bad termite inspection results, teaming up with a reputable pest control service is a smart move. Burns Pest Elimination serves home sellers and realtors in and near Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas. We provide fast, friendly, thorough service to residential and commercial customers, so contact us today to ensure the success of your next home sale.