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Scorpion Control Tips for Your Home

Preventive Scorpion Care for Your Arizona Home

Although Arizona bark scorpions are one of the smallest of the scorpion species, they sure pack a punch. A sting from a bark scorpion is not only extremely painful, but it can also cause severe symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. As the temperatures begin to heat up for springtime, Arizona scorpions tend to become more active and you might start to see these critters in and around your home. Learn how to identify Arizona scorpions and prevent this pest from invading your home with this blog from Burns Pest Elimination.

What do scorpions look like?

Scorpions are typically between 1 to 2.5 inches long and have eight legs, two claws, and a curved tail with a stinger on the end. Bark scorpions, specifically,  are about 1.5 inches long and tan or yellowish in color. When exposed to UV lights, their bodies glow a bright blue color! Bark scorpions are nocturnal and are great climbers, making it easy for them to travel from room to room on your property.

How do scorpions get in my home?

It’s common for scorpions to sneak their way into your Arizona home. Because of their ability to flatten their tails, bark scorpions can crawl through all types and sizes of cracks and crevices throughout your home. Some of the most common ways scorpions find their way into your home are through:

  • Gaps in doors
  • Gaps in windows
  • Cracks in your home’s foundation
  • Garage walls
  • Torn screen doors
  • Openings in roofing
  • Holes in the pipeline

Where do scorpions hide inside my home?

Arizona bark scorpions are attracted to water and moisture. When they make their way indoors, you will usually find them near a water source such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and water pipes all throughout your home. Scorpions are also attracted to dark areas, so you might find them in your basement, garage, or attic. These pests try to find shelter anywhere, so beware of scorpions hiding in the shoes and clothes in your closet!

Outdoors, you can find them underneath piles of rocks, leaves, and lumber. Scorpions are mostly attracted to unkept lawns and yards because they provide them more places to hide and shelter.

How can I prevent a scorpion outbreak?

There are plenty of ways to prevent bark scorpions from invading the interior and exterior of  your Arizona home.

  • First, be sure to seal any gaps, cracks, and crevices all throughout your home that may be used as an entryway for these pests. The best way to do this is by using caulk to seal cracks and weather strips for windows and doors.
  • Remember when we said scorpions are attracted to water? To prevent scorpions from wanting to enter your home, it’s important for your home to be free of leaks and puddles; if there’s a leaky faucet in your home, be sure to get it fixed. If you keep things dry, scorpions are less likely to want to come inside.
  • Like most pests, scorpions are always searching for food. Make sure all of the food in your kitchen is properly sealed and that there are no crumbs or dishes left out overnight.

Outside of your home, you can prevent scorpions by keeping a tidy lawn. Get rid of any debris including piles of leaves, wood, and rocks. Do your best to shore up any areas that frequently puddle up or areas with standing water that might attract scorpions to your home.

Why are scorpions so tricky to control?

Using preventive methods is one of the best ways to keep Arizona bark scorpions out of your home because they can be a tricky pest to spot and control. Not only do scorpions only come out in the dark thanks to their nocturnal habits, but they can also hide for long periods of time because they can go without consistent food sources due to not needing to eat every day. Arizona bark scorpions are also physically built to withstand a lot, so sometimes even the strongest pesticides won’t get rid of them. Fortunately, Burns Pest Control is experienced in controlling and preventing all types of scorpions.

Arizona Pest Control Solutions

Because of their dangerous sting, a scorpion invasion is something that should never be overlooked. And while you may try to DIY your Arizona scorpion control, treatments can be a waste of time and money because of how sneaky and hardy these pests are. If you’ve found that your home is overrun by Arizona bark scorpions, count on the pest professionals at Burns Pest Control. With years of expertise, we’re here to help keep your home safe with the Arizona pest control and Las Vegas pest control it needs. Request a free quote to get started with your pest control services today!