Reclaim Your Porch from Industrious Spiders

When spiders and their webs are making your porch look like a Halloween haunted house, it’s time to take action

In the warm Arizona climate, spiders are a fact of life, and that’s not such a bad thing. While they might give us humans the creeps, our eight-legged friends are responsible for keeping the local insect population under control—a very important job for both people and the natural environment. Save for rare poisonous species that should be evicted off your property right away, keeping a few non-aggressive spiders around is a good thing, and it doesn’t have to mean giving up your outdoor space to spider webs. With smart pest control tricks, you can keep your porch clean and clear without harming beneficial spiders or your family with toxic insecticides.

Take a Closer Look at Your Tiny Neighbors

Before you get started with implementing your spider-free porch plan, check the entire perimeter of your home for signs of venomous spiders and animals. For a complete list of dangerous animals and insects in the region, check out the reference guide from the University of Arizona.

Relocate Spider Habitats Away From Your Porch

There’s a reason why leaves are a common ground for tangled spider webs. Potted plants and flowers, both classic porch mainstays, make great nesting grounds for many types of garden spiders. One of the easiest ways to stop spiders from invading your outdoor space is to simply move plants and other potential spider homes off your porch and into your garden. In addition to potted greenery, firewood, hollow decorative statues, hanging art and wreaths are popular hiding spots.

Flex Your Green Thumb

If yard work isn’t high on your list of priorities, cleaning up your porch is a great reason to give gardening another go. Any shrubs, plants and trees that overgrow their borders and end up hanging over your porch work like highways, shuttling spiders and other small insects from the garden into your home. Simply trimming the greenery around your porch can go a long way toward keeping spiders out of your hair.

Refresh Your Outdoor Space with a Homemade Peppermint Spray

Spiders may love all sorts of shrubs and potted plants, but they absolutely hate peppermint. To make a traditional spider repellent, fill up an empty spray bottle with peppermint essential oil and water. When you’re done, spray the mix in spots where spiders like to hang out, and you have a cheap, chemical-free solution that works.

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