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5 Rat Prevention Tips for Restaurants and Food Businesses

Few words inspire fear in the hearts of restaurant owners and food service managers as much as “rats.” If one of these creatures is spotted or even suspected, the well-being of your business may be at risk. It’s better to stop the problem before it starts because eliminating infesting rats is harder than discouraging them from calling your business home. 

If you’re worried your restaurant might be vulnerable to rats, we’re here to help. We at Burns Pest Elimination have prepared five tried and true restaurant pest control tips to equip you for rat-free food service.

1. Maintain a Clean Environment

Rats flock to areas where they feel welcome—places with discarded food, idle stains, and forgotten containers. Plan regular cleaning schedules for kitchens, storage areas, and dining spaces. Every spilled glass and stray crumb contributes to a mess—any part left forgotten is like a summons for pests.

As for waste management, only let trash bags sit as long as necessary and dispose of them according to city guidelines.

2. Seal Common Entry Points

Inspect and seal any known gaps, cracks, and holes in your establishment’s walls, floors, and ceilings, then hire a restaurant pest control professional to find the ones you missed. This goes for doors and windows, too. A propped-open back door for the convenience of your employees is helpful, but your employees aren’t the only ones who will find the idea appealing.

3. Store Food Properly

Your food storage should take advantage of airtight containers, preferably locked in airtight freezers or pantries. When and where possible, suspend food containers off the ground and away from walls.

4. Train Staff on Rat Prevention

We want to take this moment to remind you that in the war of how to get rid of rats, you can’t be a one-person army. Educating your staff on proper storage practices and the importance of promptly cleaning messes is essential. 

Provide training on recognizing rat activity and instruct staff on reporting procedures for suspected rat sightings and how rats differ from mice. If and when there is a problem, quash it quickly, even if you must turn to an expert.

5. Implement a Pest Control Program

Scheduling regular professional pest control inspections is a wise managerial move. Even if our experts don’t find an infestation, we can implement preventive measures like bait stations and traps to ensure that future rat problems can be caught early.

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