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Where Mosquitoes Commonly Hide and Breed in Your Yard

Reflection of a mosquito.

Mosquitoes in Arizona and beyond are generally regarded as the world’s most annoying pest. Practically unending in number, they can make entire parts of the day intolerable if you live in an area ripe for their breeding.

If you have found yourself assailed by mosquitoes, we at Burns Pest Elimination want to take a moment to empathize with you (but also hopefully offer some relief). We’ve put together a short primer that explains some mosquito habits—as well as where they hide, breed, and other issues—so you’ll have a better understanding of how they work and how to deal with them.

Mosquitoes in Arizona, Mosquitoes Everywhere

In some places, mosquitoes are an inevitability, but that doesn’t mean you should submit to their presence and let them reign uncontested.

Where do mosquitoes hide?

At their core, mosquitoes only need two things to call a place home: standing water and some shade. Unfortunately, you can find both of those all over your yard:

  • Piles of wood and leaves
  • The shadows beneath your deck
  • Tree stumps, especially with hollows in the middle
  • Old tires
  • Planters and pots
  • Ponds, puddles, and gutters
  • Tall grass, tress, and shrubs
  • Tarps, pool covers, canoes, rafts, boats, kids’ toys, uncovered trash cans…

We know, it feels like we just listed your entire backyard. Really, though, the most important thing to get rid of is the still, standing water. Because mosquitoes prefer to congregate and breed near standing water, it is important that you either design your outdoor spaces to drain away excess water or perform regular upkeep of any places where water may gather. If there’s nowhere for water to collect and stand still, you can drastically reduce the appeal of your home as a hotspot for mosquitoes.

This means that, as beautiful as that new birdbath is, you need to change out the water regularly or create a way for the water to continuously recycle. If the water is moving, any eggs that mosquitoes try to lay on it will be swept away. For areas along the ground or under the porch, try filling any pits or holes with sand. The sand will absorb minor amounts of water and create unfavorable circumstances for breeding.

Do mosquitoes require still water to reproduce?

However, mosquitoes do not need standing water to breed—just an area that gets wet from time to time, like a dog bowl or a park that gets regular watering. For instance, a mosquito may lay eggs in mud, and once it dries out, the eggs will stay dormant until they become moist again.

How long do mosquitoes live?

Most male mosquitoes only live for five to seven days, but their female counterparts may live up to several months. So, if you’re finding that your efforts to eliminate this pest from your home aren’t doing the job after a week, you might be better off consulting a mosquito control specialist.

Reliable Arizona Pest Control for Mosquitoes

Burns Pest Elimination has made it our mission to crack down on mosquitoes in Arizona with effective mosquito yard treatment. Our pest control professionals know how to diagnose the source of your mosquito problem and employ the best countermeasures to eliminate them around your property.

If you’ve found mosquitoes are too much for you to handle, take a look at all the locations we serve, then request a free pest control quote online to start taking back your home and yard! We’d love to lend a hand so that your warm months are fun and mosquito-free.