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Largest Rodents in the State of Arizona

Rodents come in all shapes and sizes, from small field mice to big rodents like the American beaver. The problem with rodents is their need to gnaw as well as how easily they can transmit diseases to people. Let’s take a look at some large rodents in Arizona and which ones are actually a nuisance to people in The Grand Canyon State.

Are Rabbits and Squirrels Rodents?

Before we begin, one question that our Arizona pest control specialists have been asked is where or not rabbits and squirrels are considered rodents. Squirrels are indeed rodents, whereas rabbits are not.

What exactly constitutes a rodent, then? A rodent has two incisors. A rabbit has four. Rabbits used to belong to the same order as rodents, but they were later placed in the order Lagomorpha. So, yes, squirrels have two incisors and are considered rodents. Rabbits, though cute and fluffy, are still considered a nuisance because of the damage they cause to lawns and gardens.

3 Largest Rodents in Arizona

North American Beaver

American beavers are big rodents that are found most often in and around waterways. They are also the largest rodent in North America—adults can weigh anywhere from about 30 to 70 pounds! Unless your property is next to a lake or a river, you may not encounter these rodents. Their numbers have grown over the years in Arizona and may present a problem if their dams interrupt the flow of streams, rivers, and other bodies of water.

Rock Squirrel

The body of a rock squirrel grows to almost a foot in length, but their tails extend another 8 inches. They roam about both day and night and cause damage to lawns by digging and burrowing. Rock squirrels are also known to spread the bubonic plague, so these are definitely unwanted rodents on your property.

Norway Rat

The Norway rat is not only a large rodent in Arizona, but it’s also quite a common pest for residents and businesses. These rodents can grow up to a foot long and weigh more than a pound. They have brown or gray fur and can be found digging in gardens or building nests in tall, thick grass. In houses, Norway rats cause gnawing damage to walls and contaminate attics and basements with feces. They’re one of the most common rodent pests that our pest control technicians deal with on a regular basis.

Your Arizona and Las Vegas Rodent Pest Control Specialists

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