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How to Keep Pigeons Away From Your Home

While pigeons are known for living in the city, these pesky creatures make their home wherever they’re able — including your attic, gutters, roofing eaves, and backyard. Not only can these birds be a nuisance with their constant cooing, but they can also inflict damage to your property and pose a hazard to your health. This fall, protect your home from pigeons with the help of Burns Pest Elimination.

Why Are Pigeons Bad for My Home?

Pigeons are known to come in and immediately make themselves at home wherever they nest. During this process they collect materials from around the area, which includes loose material from lawn furniture, insulation, and even parts of your home. Debris from nesting pigeons gets scattered throughout the property, burdening you with the clean-up duties and potentially clogging gutters or air vents.

Pigeons are also high waste-producers. In settled areas, you will find large amounts of feathers and droppings, each carrying diseases and parasites that can make you and your family sick if exposed to it for too long.

How Do I Keep Pigeons Away From My House?

It’s not always apparent why pigeons choose to settle where they do. Even so, there are some ways to help make your home less of a target, including:

  • Eliminate roosting spots — First and foremost, pigeons need a place to make a nest. Block birds from settling into your ledges and windowsills by putting up barriers or obtrusive objects that they cannot remove or work around.
  • Seal entry points — Though pigeons generally look for places to nest outdoors, they may be drawn to an attic or chimney if there’s an easy access point. Be sure to thoroughly inspect these areas and seal these entry points or install wire mesh.
  • Remove possible food sources — Like any pest, pigeons are more likely to settle in areas where food seems more accessible. Don’t leave any food for birds, and be sure to secure any garbage containers.

What Can I Do If I Have Pigeons?

Despite our best efforts, pigeons can be quite stubborn creatures. Luckily, there are some methods you can try to scare them off before it’s too late.

  • Install a scarecrow — A larger bird decoy, like a hawk or an owl, may help give the impression that your home is not suitable for pigeons. You can even purchase decoys that move and make noises like live birds.
  • Apply pigeon repellent to roosting areas — Available online and in stores, pigeon repellent is a clear, long-lasting gel that makes roosting spots sticky and annoying to pigeons. It won’t be long before they decide to move on from your home.
  • Sprinkle nests with spices — Pigeons don’t like strong spices, like black pepper, chili powder, or cinnamon. To deter pigeons from rebuilding nests, generously cover existing nests with spices regularly.\

Keep Your Cool — Get Rid of Pigeons For Good

Pigeons can be difficult to get rid of, but you don’t have to put up with them forever. With our local, highly-trained staff, Burns Pest Elimination will bird-proof your Arizona or Las Vegas home with effective nesting deterrents, bird netting, stainless steel bird spikes, and extensive cleaning services. Contact us today to get started with a free quote.