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How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Pigeons From Your Home

pigeons roosting on AZ home
Pigeon control is always a concern, whether in urban settings or on the farm. These pesky birds carry dozens of diseases, bring ticks and mites into homes and businesses, and damage property with their highly acidic droppings. These tips from Burns Pest Elimination, providing pest control services to the Phoenix, AZ, area, will help keep pigeons from becoming a problem on your property. Your home is one of your most important assets emotionally and financially, and we want to protect your home and your health from harm.

Don’t Be a Pigeon Magnet

Pest control begins with making your property less attractive to unwanted visitors. Choose bird feeders with small holes to keep pigeons out, and place them as far from your house as possible. Pigeons prefer fruits and seeds, so keep them out of your garden with landscape fabric. However, these birds are scavengers and will eat just about anything. Bring plates and cups in immediately after eating outdoors and keep your trash can tightly sealed.

Pigeon Repellent

Some pigeon repellent products are effective. Bird diverters and other reflective products may draw pigeons away from your home. Fake owls and other faux predators may scare them off as well. Just remember to move them around from time to time so that birds don’t get used to their presence. Discouraging roosting can reduce the odds of having your roof ruined by pigeon droppings. Bird spikes make pigeons uncomfortable when trying to roost on your roof. Like bird spikes, insulation wire makes balcony or deck railings less appealing as roosting spots. Cover vents with screens to prevent these dirty birds from heading indoors.

Pigeons in Your House

If, despite your best efforts, pigeons do find a way inside, professional pigeon control is in order. Live traps are a hassle and may even be dangerous. These birds’ droppings carry diseases ranging from E.coli to encephalitis, and dust from dried droppings can transmit bacteria through the duct-work in your home. Let your local pest control pros handle the problem safely and effectively.

Burns Pest Has the Pigeon Solution

Whether they’re interrupting your meal, endangering your family with a host of airborne illnesses, or wreaking havoc on everything from your roofing tiles to the concrete in your driveway, pigeons can be a real pain. Burns Pest Elimination provides home and business owners with quality pigeon control services in Phoenix, AZ, and other cities in the Southwest. If you’ve experienced an invasion or simply want to keep your property free of pigeons and the many hazards they bring, contact us for a quote today.