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The Major Difference Between DIY and Professional Pesticides

DIY pest control spray bottle spraying flower.

How to avoid risky “do it yourself” pest control methods

When you see common Phoenix area pests such as ants and roaches around your home, it can be tempting to want to eliminate them yourself as quickly as possible. Scorpions, earwigs, rodents and termites may also show up in or around your home, but trying to get rid of them with standard “do it yourself” methods can wind up causing more harm than the pests themselves.

The Dangers of DIY

It’s true that you can go to the store or search online and buy products to control almost every kind of pest, but just because a product is available doesn’t mean that it’s safe or that it’s going to work. Before treating, you have to know what kind of pest you’re dealing with, the extent of the infestation, and how to properly use/apply the product. Even if you only see pests in one area, chances are there are more where you can’t see them. You may also be dealing with more than one type of pest, so getting rid of one will only solve part of the problem.

The most dangerous thing you could possibly do is ignore the products that are available and try to make your own pest control remedy. Off-label mixtures will contain unknown levels of chemicals that can be much higher than those you would buy. These chemicals can react and contaminate your home, endangering you and your family. With DIY methods, pets and children are at an even higher risk of illness from chemical exposure.

Even organic or EPA approved pest control products can cause problems if not applied correctly. Using too much of a chemical can pose a health hazard, while not using enough won’t get rid of the pests. Plus, as you’re trying to hunt down the best place to apply the chemicals, you run the risk of being bitten or attacked by the very same pests you’re trying to eliminate.

Hiring a Professional

Professional pest control companies know how to find pests and get rid of them once and for all. They’re trained in the use of different types of chemicals, how much to use and how to apply them effectively while minimizing exposure. A professional will also know when there’s an opportunity to use a chemical-free method to eliminate pests.

Instead of investing in different kinds of chemicals that can make your home unsafe, calling a professional gets the problem under control quickly. This saves time, money and frustration while keeping your family safe from the potential dangers of DIY pest control.