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Are Pests Destroying Your Garden? What You Need to Know

Ants in a garden.
Desert climates can be especially inhospitable to non-native plants. Those shrubs, trees and flowering foliage that are better suited to more forgiving climates can become stressed by regional temperature extremes. Without proactive pest control, your carefully nurtured landscape may be in peril. If insects have made your treasured flora their new home, you can take measures to permanently remove them without harming your plants. Additionally, you can eradicate weeds without damaging your landscape. Burns has specialized in this service for over 20 years.

Pest Prevention

Given the time and the determination, both in ample quantities, you can discourage a pest invasion before it gets underway. Prior to planting, start with compost-rich soil that is free of weeds. Clear away garden waste and grass clippings regularly, so they don’t become insect or rodent harborage areas. Once your plants are in the ground, watch for any that become sickly, and move them out before pests move in.

Signs You Need Pest Control

The key to pest control is early identification. Some telltale signs of insect or rodent infestation, according to the University of Arizona Extension Service, include:

If you check over your plantings frequently, you stand a good chance of nipping pests in the bud. However, for best results, you should call a professional for an assessment. Once you get confirmation of your pest problem, you can schedule insect control and/or weed elimination treatment.

Arizona’s Most Wanted List

You won’t see their mug shots on a post office wall, but like the FBI’s Most Wanted, garden pests are armed and dangerous to your tender plants. Their weapons include eggs, larvae and masticating jaws. Moisture in and around your landscape can also attract mosquitoes, which are not only annoying but can carry diseases that threaten your family’s health.

The Benefits of Store Bought Chemical vs Burns Products

Lawn care and pest control products are widely available across big box stores and garden centers for those who prefer to do their own home maintenance. However, each product typically comes with very detailed application and mixing instructions that can be confusing. Getting the best results from your yard or garden requires the right materials, applied in correct amounts, at appropriate times. While it is possible to save money on materials alone, the convenience gained by hiring someone with years of experience mixing and applying weed killer and other pest products is well worth it. Going with a pro can save you the unnecessary cost of improper chemical applications as well as having to do the work all over again.

Lawn and garden professionals have the expertise to safely rid your yard of garden pests quickly and effectively. At Burns Pest Elimination, we know how to handle tough pests and weeds native to our service areas. Contact us for the help you need in Las Vegas, Nev., Phoenix, Ariz., Tucson, Ariz., and surrounding areas.