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All-Season Advice to Avoid Mice in Your Home

Mice, rats, and other rodents are notoriously hard to catch. Their small size and ability to squeeze through tiny openings give them the ability to slip into homes through places that seem impossible. Whether its to avoid the heat of summer or the winter chill, rodents are always looking for comfortable places to nest containing plenty of food and water. This, unfortunately, often leads them right to your home.

Keeping rodents out can be a challenge, but dealing with an infestation after it has already begun can be an expensive (and potentially dangerous) ordeal. Burns Pest Elimination is here to help you identify common entry points that these pests use to enter your home, you can prevent a rodent problem before it starts.

Crawl Spaces

If your house has a crawl space, it should be one of the first places you check when investigating for a rodent infestation. These spaces are often dark, not heavily trafficked by humans, have direct access to the outdoors, and may have pipes and plumbing fixtures where water is readily accessible. Old or rotting wood leaves gaps in the space that make it easy for rodents to either squeeze or chew their way into your crawl space and then into your walls. Take care of your crawl space and seal any exterior access points you can find to prevent rodent access.

Roofs and Attic Vents

While rodents are more known for tunneling or chewing their way into your home, they are excellent climbers and can find their way in through the roof. If you have trees with branches that extend over your roof or near attic vents, that’s an easy way for mice to get inside — even the smallest holes are enough space for these pests to pop in through. Trimming away tree branches that reach your home and closing off access points to the attic or gutter are two of the best ways to keep roof rats rodents out of your attic.

Cracks in Walls and Foundation

If your attic is closed up and you don’t have a crawl space to worry about, the last entry point to concern yourself with is your home’s foundation. As buildings age and weather, gaps and cracks form around the foundation that give rodents access to your home. Do an inspection of your home or business and seal up any cracks or holes with caulk, wire mesh, or other materials that works best for your situation.

Get Rid of Your Rodent Problems With Burns Pest Elimination

When your home or business is being plagued by rodents, Burns Pest Elimination can help. We provide rodent control services for Arizona and Las Vegas residents that are designed to prevent outbreaks or eliminate infestations already in progress. For over 35 years, the professional pest control experts at Burns Pest Elimination have had your back — request your free quote today and get started on the path to pest-free living!