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Are You Being Overrun By Crickets? Here’s 5 Things To Try


What to do when the constant chirping keeps you up all night.

Crickets chirping – a sound that puts many people to sleep across the country. If you combine crickets with a babbling brook, it’s an instant recipe for snoozing and snoring. However, for those who live in congested residential areas with loud neighbors and passing cars, the sound of crickets is added noise, especially when these insects invade living spaces. Whether you’re battling a cricket infestation or wanting to prevent one, it’s good to have an effective game plan. Here are 5 Tips for getting rid of crickets.

Seal cracks around the exterior.

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to stopping a cricket infestation. Close your home off to invasive pests by caulking the cracks and crevices on the exterior, such as the gaps around the windows and the foundation.

Keep trash bagged up and out of the house.

Stinky trash not only attracts crickets but also other pest insects and rodents. Keep the trash covered in a garbage can at all times while it’s inside your home. You should take the trash out once the can is full and place the bag in a covered bin outside.

Maintain your lawn on a regular basis.

Crickets hide in tall grasses and weeds in your yard. If you mow the grass and pull the weeds once every other week, you’ll take away their hiding spots. Remove yard debris whenever possible to stop cricket and other pest infestations from occurring.

Catch crickets with traps.

Glue traps work efficiently at catching crickets, so set them up in places where the pests sneak inside, such as around the baseboards and the doorways. Cricket bait is available in stores, but most products are toxic to humans and animals. Pour a spoonful or two of molasses in a small bowl filled with water as both a nontoxic and an effective way to trap crickets.

Vacuum often to remove any eggs.

Crickets lay eggs in carpets and rugs, so it’s important to vacuum regularly. Otherwise, the eggs will hatch and cause a more problematic infestation. Use a high-powered vacuum to suck up the eggs. Afterward, empty the contents into a sealed bag, and throw it away in a covered trash bin.

Professional Cricket Pest Control

Having trouble with crickets in your house? Visit our homepage to learn more about our pest control services. Crickets belong outdoors, not inside your home. When other methods don’t work, our trained and experienced technicians will eliminate crickets and prevent annoying infestations in the future.