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5 Mosquito-Repelling Tips for Staying Bite-Free

Citronella candles.
Nothing puts the kibosh on warm-weather fun like mosquitoes. These pests do more than just crash outdoor parties, though. They carry potentially serious diseases like yellow fever and the West Nile virus. Avoid mosquito bites with help from these tips from Burns Pest Control. We go beyond bug spray to provide safe, effective, professional pest and mosquito control in Arizona and Nevada.


How to Keep Mosquitoes Away in Arizona and Nevada

1. Remove standing water from your property.

Many females lay eggs in water, and eggs become nymphs within a few days’ time. Worse yet, these pests can reproduce in a pool of water small enough to fit inside a bottle cap. Empty or remove all toys, wheelbarrows, birdbaths, and lawn features as soon as they start filling with water. If your lawn has poor drainage, fill dips with coffee grounds to deter larvae growth. Better yet, fill them with soil and plant grass.

2. Keep your lawn free of dead leaves and wood.

Water sources aren’t the only mosquito breeding grounds in your yard. These biting insects also reproduce in moist soil and debris, so keeping your lawn free of such materials will make it less attractive to these and other pests.

3. Use scent to your advantage.

Citronella candles are a good bet, but mosquito-repellent plants are even more effective. Lavender, bee balm, rosemary, basil, and peppermint are a few good options. Mosquitoes will also stay away from the geraniums and marigolds that help beautify backyards everywhere.

4. Spray, traps, and fans.

There are still more ways to keep these bugs at bay. Apply bug spray around the perimeter of your yard, choosing a formula for bushes and plants to target hiding spots. Mosquito traps are another weapon in your arsenal; change them often for maximum effectiveness. If you have a power source on your deck, patio, or balcony, place an oscillating fan near where you’ll be sitting. Fans don’t just keep the air cool; they provide mosquito control in Arizona backyards. In addition to having a hard time flying against the blowing air, the bugs will find it difficult to locate feeding sources as the fan pushes carbon dioxide away from you and your guests.

5. Prevent mosquito bites with an EPA-approved personal repellent.

If you plan on being outdoors away from home, a bug spray safe for humans and pets can be reapplied throughout the day to ensure its effectiveness. Wear long sleeves and pants if weather permits. If possible, avoid going out at dusk and dawn, as these are prime mosquito feeding times.

Pest Control for Mosquitoes by Burns Pest

Mosquitoes don’t have to make you miserable this spring and summer. Prevent mosquito bites and the threat of disease with professional pest control and treatments. Contact Burns Pest Control or request a quote today for reliable mosquito control in Arizona and Nevada!