Bed Bugs in Phoenix and Tucscon: What You Need to Know About Arizona’s New Law

If you’re a landlord or a renter in the Phoenix or Tucson area, you’ll benefit from Arizona’s law about bed bugs. These nasty little creatures are becoming a growing problem all across America, which will hopefully prompt other states to follow Arizona’s lead in making laws to help protect people.

Why Bed Bugs are Such Serious Business

Bed bugs can cause a lot of discomfort. They feed on human blood, leaving itchy, sometimes-painful welts all over their victims. They are considered a nightmare for landlords, because once they infect a unit or building, it can be difficult to get rid of them. They aren’t usually visible to the naked eye, making them hard to detect.

If you suspect there might be bed bugs in a building you own or rent, it’s important to know that Arizona law has specific steps you must follow. Landlords must take these laws very seriously, or else they will risk being in violation.

Arizona’s New Bed Bug Law: SB1306

The law, officially titled SB1306, requires that:

  • Apartment landlords must not rent out units that are known to have current infestations of bed bugs.
  • Apartment landlords must give tenants access to educational materials on bed bugs.
  • Tenants must not bring furniture, blankets or other items into rental units if they are aware those items are currently infested with bed bugs.
  • Tenants must let their landlords know in writing within three days of discovering the presence of bed bugs within a rental unit.
  • Apartment landlords must have a licensed pest-control specialist inspect and treat the home within seven days of being notified about bed bugs by a tenant.
  • Tenants must follow all recommended protocols to remove bed bugs, such as washing bedding in hot water, to do their part to assist in clearing the problem.

If tenants or landlords fail to do their part to stop a bed bug problem, there might be legal consequences. However, these bed bug laws only apply to apartment units. Single-family homes are exempt from these rules.

Handling the Problem: Contact the Professionals

Removing bed bugs can be very tricky, so it’s best to let the professionals do the dirty work. If you’re a landlord or homeowner, and you need professional bed bug treatments in the Phoenix or Tucson areas, contact us at Burns Pest Elimination. Our team of professionals has plenty of experience battling bed bugs, and our proven protocols will get your building back to normal in no time.