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Multiple times a year annual weeds grow aplenty in the Arizona – southwest desert. Annual weeds are unwanted plants that germinate and grow once a year in their specific season. Many times these occur in the desert landscaping that is kept and maintained at most homes in the southwest.

The solution to picking and pulling weeds or even buying and spraying your own products is to have Burns apply a Pre-Emergent to prevent growth in the first place. Pre-Emergent is a product designed to stunt and prevent the growth of weed’s seeds in the soil. Burns Professional Tip: this is most effective when done in fall before germination occurs. Our commitment to successfully eliminating your weeds includes the following treatment options:

Annual Weed Control

  • A worry free 1 year warranty against new growth
  • Pre-Emergent service stops growth of weed seeds before it starts
  • Treatment includes killing of existing weed growth

Prepave Weed Control

Application of product prior to paving to prevent growth through asphalt

There is no better time than now to start waging your war on weeds. At Burns Pest Elimination we do everything from pest control, home inspections, and weed elimination, and we do it right! So right in fact, that we back our weed control service with a full one year guarantee!

We’ll come back free of charge should weeds show up again. This is Burns Pest Elimination "Worry Free Weed Elimination" guarantee.

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