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Our Team

Executive Team

Our five executives give us our daily direction. Between them, they have over 70 years’ experience at Burns and are dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and the quickest response times possible to our commercial and residential clients in all areas of pest control.

Service Supervisors

This team is in the trenches daily with our technicians in the field and they strive to be the knowledgeable experts that you can rely upon, providing predictable and repeatable service held to the highest standards

Billing Team

Here to assist customers with any questions, comments or concerns related to Billing. Please call into the office 602-971-4782 or email us at billingmanager@burnspestelimination.com.

Customer Care Specialists

You get to talk with a real person when you call! They are happy to help our customers in all areas of customer service including scheduling and accepting payments. If you need assistance please contact us at 877-971-4782 or email us at customerservicemanager@burnspestelimination.com.

Inbound Residential Sales

These are the experts that know just the right questions to ask to solve your pest problem. Call now to speak with one of our residential problem solvers. Our residential sales team can be reach at 877-971-4782.

Outbound Sales Team

Although mainly responsible for termite inspections and treatments this team can help in all areas of residential pest control to help you choose the correct service program for your home. If you are experiencing pest or termite issues this team is dedicated to help you.

K-9 Bed Bug and Handler Teams

These dynamic duo specializes in finding bed bugs. Our K-9s are trained to specifically seek out bed bugs both alive and dead as well as fecal matter and castings. Call us today to schedule an appointment today.

Commercial Sales Team

Works exclusively with our customers in the multi-family housing field, HOAs, hotels, commercial buildings, food industry and healthcare facilities. Call us today to speak with an account executive dedicated to your commercial industry.

Rodent/Bird Sales Team

Performs inspections to correctly diagnose exclusion programs and offers knowledge based and proven trapping programs. Call in now to get in contact with your specialized bird and rodent representative.

Mechanic Team

Solely responsible for keeping our company vehicles running on a daily basis and allowing our team to perform our jobs on a daily basis. We are most thankful for their knowledge and experience everyday!