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Springtails are jumping insects that are often found in kitchens, basements, bathrooms and other areas of the home that contain moisture. This includes indoor gardens with potted plants and outdoor areas by the pool or hot tub. Springtails are tiny and wingless. Their bodies are gray, brown or black, and they have oval heads with antennae. Although they don’t bite or sting humans, an infestation can still be annoying if it gets out of control. If you find a large amount of springtails near or inside your home, contact the experts at Burns Pest Elimination to handle the problem.

As their name suggests, Springtails have a unique spring-loaded structure called a furcular on their underside that enables them to be flung into the air when disturbed. Springtails are highly attracted to moisture and can often be found in homes under cabinets, near leaking pipes, bathrooms. In basements, etc. If you have an infestation of springtails check under the sink, look for leaking pipes or sources of water. Another common location they are found is in overwatered potted plants, or furniture that is wet or mildewed. These insects often signal a mold or mildew problem in homes as they tend to congregate and multiply in those conditions. Finding and fixing the source of dampness and moisture is the key to controlling springtail populations. Although they do not pose a danger to humans, they quickly multiply leaving homeowners with thousands of jumping insects to deal with if an infestation occurs.

The best first step when dealing with springtails is to contact a professional to perform an inspection to determine areas of vulnerability and assess any points of entry. All moisture and dampness must be completely resolved for springtail populations to be eradicated.

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