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The Sowbug, also known as the pill bug or rolly polly, are all isopodic crustaceans. They are also known as woodlouse. Though these bugs are typically regarded as beneficial in gardens just like earthworms, some feed on cultivated plants such as strawberries or young seedlings. They have also been known to invade homes in search of moisture. They do not physically damage property, but their presence can indicate property in need of inspection for moisture damage. Burns can advise you on best practices to keep these bugs in the garden where they belong.

Sowbugs, or more commonly known as the “roly poly,” favor moist environments and can often be found under rocks, in moist soil, in gardens, etc. They need moisture to survive, as they are actually from the crustacean family and have evolved to live on land. They will often enter homes in search of water when outdoor conditions are unfavorable. However, if they do not find water, they will dry up and die indoors. Although not necessarily harmful, an infestation of sowbugs is unpleasant and can indicate a serious moisture problem in your home, and potentially be a signal for mold. They can be found in moisture rich areas of the home such as basements, bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry areas.

In order to prevent sowbugs from invading your home be sure to plug any cracks or crevices that would allow entry, keep moisture away by fixing any leaky pipes, remove any standing water, repair cracks in foundation, etc. Need assistance with a sowbug infestation? Call us at Burns – we will get the job done right!