Scorpions come in many shapes and sizes, but their key characteristics are their six spindly legs and large front pincers. Their extended tail with venomous barb is their primary means of offense. Some scorpion stings will merely be painful; however, others can mean a trip to the hospital (such as the bark scorpion). Scorpions are especially prevalent in Arizona, and if you should find one in your home, exercise caution and give us a call. Burns would much prefer you leave the handling of any potentially harmful creatures to us!

Scorpions are unique looking arachnids, possessing eight legs, an extended body, a segmented erectile tail with barb stinger at the end, and two claws called pedipalps. They are known most notably for their stinger, which releases venoms that contain complex mixtures of short neurotoxic proteins that can cause reactions ranging from initial localized pain, burning or swelling to numbness, tingling and severe muscle cramps. In some instances, sensitive individuals may have more severe reactions that require emergency medical treatment and an antivenin injection.

Scorpions live in very dry climates but are very sensitive to loss of moisture as they obtain most of their water from their prey. They can often be found hiding in shady locations during daytime hours in underground holes or on the undersides of rocks. They become nocturnal when they are old enough to hunt and feed. They use their claw-like pinchers to subdue their prey by crushing or injecting with neurotoxic venom which paralyzes or kills, and then use claw-like structures that stick out of their mouths to remove liquid matter from their food, discarding any solid material before ingestion.

These creatures typically find their way indoors in search of a more suitable environment when outdoor conditions change, in search of food sources. They commonly use gaps under doors, windows, and utility lines to enter the home. Once inside, they tend to reside in basements, crawl spaces, and dark hiding places such as under cabinets and sinks.

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