Pill Bugs

Pill bugs are commonly known as “roly polies” for their characteristic ability to roll into a ball and resemble a rock to avoid predators. They are the only crustacean that has completely adapted to live on land. You can distinguish a pill bug by their oval-shaped body, plate-like scales on their back that resemble armor, and 7 pair of legs.

Pill bugs eat vegetation and can wreak havoc on a garden! They mostly feed on rotting vegetation, leaves, logs, etc. They live in wet environments and are often found under damp objects like rocks in soil or in organic waste. Pill bugs need moisture to breathe, but can not survive being submerged in water. They can be found in moisture rich areas of the home such as basements, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry areas.

In order to prevent pill bugs from invading your home be sure to plug any cracks or crevices that would allow entry, keep moisture away by fixing any leaky pipes, remove any standing water, repair cracks in foundation, etc. Need assistance with a pill bug infestation? Call us at Burns – we will get the job done right!

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