Crazy Ants

Crazy ants are unique little insects! They are most readily identified by their “crazy” erratic movements and reddish-brown color. They are highly adaptable and able to live in most environments, both wet and dry. They tend to live in trees, plants, yard waste, soil, under rocks and stones, and surprisingly inside electrical equipment and buildings! These crazy ants are known for their uncanny ability to release a pheromone when they are attacked that brings other ants to their aid. They have an interesting attraction to electrical equipment and have been known to infest electronics, releasing this pheromone when they are electrocuted. Other ants come to their aid and the infestation quickly multiplies. This is determined to cause over $146 million in electrical damage every year!

Another unique observation of crazy ants is that while their colonies tend to be relatively small, they have a high quantity of queens. For example, you could find upwards of 20 queens under a 12 inch rock. These networks of colonies can create what’s called “super colonies” that can amount to hundreds of millions of ants!

When treating for crazy ants, it’s important to note the potency and effect of the pheromones they release. As the ants “die off,” more ants will come to their aid. It is best to hire a professional who is knowledgeable and equipped to deal with these ant colonies.

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