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Brown Dog Tick

Brown Dog Tick - Male, Female

One of the few tick species that can complete its entire life cycle indoors, the Brown Dog Ticks seem to require canine hosts in order to create larger infestations. The male will have a smooth carapace, while the female has ridges and spidery lines. If you find either on your animals, on yourself, or crawling around your property, contact us at Burns Pest Elimination know so we can treat your grounds for ticks.

The Brown Dog tick is unique from other ticks as it can spend its entire life cycle indoors. These ticks thrive in indoor environments and prefer warm, dry conditions. As the name suggests, these insects are typically carried indoors by dogs, as they attach to the ears or between the toes. They pose a danger to your pets as they have the capability to transmit canine ehrlichiosis and canine babesia. Although the Brown Dog Tick rarely attaches to humans, it does have the ability to transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a serious bacterial infection that can result in permanent illness. Infestations by Brown Dog Ticks require a complex process to eliminate ticks from your home. The four steps required are:

  • Treat all pets living in the home
  • Treat the home with professional pest control
  • Treat the yard for ticks
  • Sanitize the house, with a strong focus on vacuuming

The process to eliminate tick infestations can take several treatments of this 4 step process, and often takes months to effectively eradicate the infestation completely. Trust Burns to treat your home and yard to eliminate these pests – we are knowledgeable on tick infestations and will get the job done right!