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Bed Bugs

At Burns Pest Elimination we take bed bug infestations very seriously. We know that K9 detection is the most accurate way to confirm a bed bug infestation. Burns’ K9’s and inspectors are certified in multi-stage insect detection, independently trained and re-certified every three months to ensure accuracy.

When you hear “bed bugs” you can’t help but shudder! These insects are often found in mattress seams, sheets, bedding, furniture, electrical outlets, etc. and feed only on blood. They are nocturnal insects that feed at night while the host is asleep. It is common for these bugs to infest hotels where they have the ability to travel from room to room, climbing into luggage and personal belongings.

Bed bugs can be identified by:

  • visualizing the bug – they are reddish brown and the size of an apple seed
  • skin shedding that has been left behind as young bugs grow
  • defecation stains
  • being bitten

When traveling, you can protect yourself and belongings by surveying surfaces for signs of infestation, remember to elevate your luggage away from the bed and wall, examine your belonging carefully while repacking, and look for any hiding spots where bed bugs could be hiding like under the mattress, bed frame, and headboard. Once indoors, they can be very difficult to control as they are great hitchhikers and easily move from place to place, multiplying at each stop. In cases of bed bug infestation, it is always recommended to contact professionals to assess and provide the best course of action.

Burns specializes in bed bug pest control. If you are having a problem with bed bugs, give us a call today