When Bed Bugs Go to School

With so many students and education professionals coming back from vacation, the back-to-school season is prime time for bed bugs in the classroom. Get the rundown on what schools can do to stop a growing infestation in its tracks.

Returning from summer vacations full of adventures to far-off destinations, students and staff might be bringing more to school than new pens and textbooks. Known for being world-class travelers that thrive in hot weather, bed bugs feel just as comfortable in backpacks as they do in suitcases. Just one infestation back at home can spell disaster for a school that lacks proper preparation and pest control. The good news is that finding one or two live bed bugs at school doesn’t necessarily signify a full-blown infestation. Spread out and empty at night, schools aren’t ideal environments for nocturnal bed bugs that prefer to nest in cozy upholstery. That doesn’t mean a serious infestation can’t happen, but it does give staff time to respond effectively without sending students home or creating panic with sudden school closures. With professional help, treatments can be done safely and discreetly after everyone heads out.

If the infestation is found to be more widespread than expected, all parents of the kids involved should be given a cautious warning by phone and sent a prevention pamphlet by mail. Since school infestations almost always start at home, helping parents understand the importance of pest management can go a long way toward preventing problems in the future. Some helpful tips to share can be found here.

What to Do When Bed Bugs Strike Schools

In the classroom, bed bugs might be spotted on clothes, bags and soft furniture. With teachers usually at the helm, it’s up to them to take quick action while keeping kids and parents calm. If there’s a reasonable cause for concern, parents can then be contacted for more information.

Signs of Bed Bugs within Your Home

Signs of bed bugs within your home can include, blood spotting on your mattress, black spots (fecal matter) along mattresses as well as baseboards. Being bit at night while sleeping and waking up with bite marks can also be a sign of a bed bug infestation. If you think you have bed bugs, it is important to get an inspection as soon as possible in order to stop the infestation before spreading to multiple rooms.

Things to avoid within schools

Bed Bugs are hitchhiker pests and can be transferred in multiple different ways. Whether they are on articles on clothing, backpacks, or purses. Where we go; they go. Backpacks are often put in corners and stored together inside of schools; bed bugs can transfer from backpack to backpack inside of these classrooms. In order to avoid bringing bed bugs into the home, it is important to check backpacks/purses on a daily basis before bringing into the house or even store the backpack outside of the home in the garage. Bed bugs can be transferred onto seating areas and in common areas.

Going forward, it’s smart for any school to have a standardized response plan that makes it easier for both teachers and parents to work together on keeping bed bugs and other pests out of the classroom all year long.

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