Weed Guard Your Yard

Seasonal tips to stop weed problems before they start

The coming spring in Phoenix and Tucson brings about the dream of a thriving garden and lawn. However, your plants aren’t the only thing that enjoys the warmth. When the weather is nice, weeds take every opportunity to stake their claim. Nip the invasion in the bud before it strikes with these weed control methods.

Cover Them Up

Mulching between rows in the garden or around newly planted trees, shrubs and flowers deprives weeds of the light they need to grow. It also keeps the soil moist and encourages populations of beneficial weed-eating insects. Planting cover crops such as barley, buckwheat and subterranean clover “crowds out” weeds before they can grow.

Practice Selective Watering

Using a drip irrigation system with soaker hoses to target only the plants that you want to grow can reduce weed germination as much as 70%. The increased efficiency reduces water waste while still allowing plants to thrive.

Attack With Force

If you’re up to it, go for the good old-fashioned pull method of weed elimination. Grab a pair of gloves and yank weeds out by the roots when the soil is damp. For stubborn weeds with deep roots, stick a trowel down vertically into the soil and dig them out. Hoeing weeds to chop them off just below the soil surface is another effective control method. In a pinch, you can cut the heads off weeds above ground to limit the spread of weed seeds.

Do Not Disturb

While tilling may give you a “clean slate” for planting a garden, too much digging or mixing of the soil can bring dormant weed seeds to the surface where they germinate more easily. Assume there are always weed seeds waiting to sprout, even when no weeds are visible. If possible, dig only where you need to in order to plant and try not to disturb the soil too much when working around the garden.

Make a Salad

Did you know that some of the weeds in your yard are edible? Plants such as purslane, lamb’s quarters, dandelion greens, amaranth, even stinging nettle greens all make tasty additions to seasonal salads. Learn to recognize which plants are safe to eat and put these weeds to good use.

To eliminate serious weed infestations, contact us at Burns Pest Elimination. We’ll come and inspect your yard for free, assess what needs to be done to control the problem and get to work with our trusted weed control methods. Backed by a one-year guarantee and 25 years of experience, our weed control services are just what you need to get your yard and garden back into shape.