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They Eat Each Other’s Poo: 5 Weird Facts About Termites


Fascinating facts about these destructive pests

Termites eat 24/7, and this makes them a nightmare for Arizona homeowners. In fact, industry experts have indicated that these pests cause an astounding amount of property damage each year that totals approximately $5 billion. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that discovering a termite infestation causes homeowners to envision their bank account being quickly drained. Fortunately, you can take control of the problem by contacting a pest control company right away. Additionally, it can be interesting to learn about some of the most unusual facts about these invasive pests. For example, every termite has to eat another termite’s feces in order to assist their digestive tract with the process of breaking down wood.

Here are five more unusual facts about termites…

1. Some Termites Can Fly

The continual reproduction of the species requires queens and kings to be able to fly to new areas. To facilitate this need, they grow wings that enable them to seek out a mate and develop their own colony. Once a new colony has been established, each flying termite will break off its wings.

2. Both Parents Raise Their Babies

It’s common for the mother to be left with the full responsibility of caring for her babies in the insect world. Termites differ from this approach in that the male parent takes an active role in raising the nymph by helping the mother feed them.

3. Termites Can Trace Their Family Tree Back 130 Million Years

Research has conclusively proven that termites have a very long history, and they’re also related to one of the most hated pests of all times: cockroaches. In fact, a creature that was similar to the modern cockroach is credited with being the ancestor of termites and praying mantids.

4. Termites Are Neat Freaks

Spending a lot of time living in the dirt and eating wood doesn’t seem like something that would lead to a strong interest in grooming, but termites actually spend a large amount of time grooming themselves and each other. This helps keep their entire colony healthy, so it’s imperative for each termite to care deeply about good hygiene.

5. Most Termites Are Blind

The king and queen termites need to have the ability to see so that they can fly to a new location to build their own colony. However, the vast majority of their soldiers and workers will be blind because there has been no evolutionary reason for them to develop eyesight. After all, these pests spend most of their lives in the dark.

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