Squirrels: A Cute but Destructive Infestation

They don’t just chew on seeds and acorns

When squirrels remain outdoors, they’re cute and usually harmless. You may enjoy watching them devour nuts or chase each other across the lawn. They benefit the environment by inadvertently planting trees from time to time. Unfortunately, these digging, gnawing and climbing abilities also make the squirrel a rather destructive creature. If it enters your house, a single rodent has the potential to inflict considerable damage.


Squirrels infest many Arizona homes during the winter. They often take up residence in walls or attics. Like mice and rats, these furry invaders enjoy gnawing on electrical wires. This behavior could trigger a blaze that heavily damages the house and puts lives at risk. Dry nesting materials may supply the flames with extra fuel. Sadly, squirrels cause thousands of serious fires each year.

Rodents also gnaw on phone, Internet and cable TV wires. When this happens, you might lose service and need to schedule costly repairs. Squirrels often use their sharp teeth to tear apart insulation as well. If they escape the attic and enter your living area, these creatures may knock furnishings over as they scurry around in a panic. A squirrel could even infect you or a pet with one of several diseases.

Another problem is that any rodent can bring parasites into your home. Fleas, ticks and mites frequently feed on small mammals. These bugs may spread to pets or humans as they reproduce and seek new hosts. Some parasitic mites can irritate your skin in a way that causes severe itching and rashes. They usually trigger the most serious health effects in elderly people.


In some situations, squirrels can also damage external building materials or infrastructure. They might build nests in your home’s gutters and cause them to overflow. Nests create a fire hazard in dry conditions; sparks could land in the gutters and set them ablaze. The Arizona Cooperative Extension warns that rock squirrels may dig burrows under houses or sidewalks. They can undermine a structure and cause it to collapse more easily.

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