Scorpions Throughout History: Have They Changed?

The arachnid cousins of spiders can easily be recognized by their lobster-like bodies and their curved, stinger-tipped tails. In reality, most scorpion species aren’t a health threat. However, venom injected by those that are attacks the nervous system and causes paralysis, convulsions and cardiac arrest within hours. Some arachnophobes might argue that just seeing a scorpion can cause the same symptoms within seconds. The feared and maligned scorpion is no newcomer to the planet. The creepy little guy has been scaring the wits out of life on earth for millions of years.

Evolution of Scorpions: Imagine Them Bigger

Evidence suggests that scorpions were originally marine animals, with earth-bound species appearing about 340 million years ago. Like early cellular phones, the first land-walking scorpions were alarmingly large. Intact scorpion fossils three feet in length have been documented, but that’s nothing. German scientists recently found something even more bloodcurdling. They unearthed an 18-inch fossilized claw of an ancient sea scorpion in a quarry; this would suggest that the animal was about eight feet long. Fortunately, humans weren’t around at the time these monsters existed. If they had been, perhaps running shoes would have been one of our first inventions.

How Have Scorpions Changed Throughout History?

An amazing and slightly creepy fact about scorpions is that over the centuries, they’ve actually changed very little. They’ve gotten smaller, but they’ve had the same basic body structure and behavioral patterns for 400 million years. Perhaps we should be grateful that they haven’t changed. They’ve been important representations of fear and power throughout history and all over the world. You’ll find them in epic literature, mythology, Egyptian hieroglyphics, religious texts and the zodiac. Why change such a perfect ability to inspire and frighten your enemies? Give scorpions the respect they deserve, but be sure to do it from a distance.

Burns Pest Elimination Makes Your Scorpions History

No matter how interesting or inspiring they are, you don’t want to share your space with potentially dangerous scorpions. At Burns, we’ve been helping Phoenix and Tucson home and business owners conquer the pests for decades. We can help identify which Arizona scorpion species is causing you grief and develop a plan to get rid of it. If you get stung by a scorpion, seek medical attention immediately. After that, contact us for an estimate.