Preventing Pantry Pests - 6 Steps to Keep Your Food Safe

No one wants pests in their next meal; preventive pest control can help you stop bugs and other critters from taking over your pantry.

Your kitchen is a warm and comforting place for your family to gather and share a delicious meal, not a place for pests to invade and reside. Unfortunately, pantry pests are tenacious and will try their best to join your family in the kitchen. Protecting your kitchen from these unsightly critters begins with some smart preventive pest control habits, including cleaning up spills just after they happen.

Clean Messes in Your Kitchen Immediately

Spills on kitchen countertops are often forgotten when the rush of daily life gets in the way. However, these sticky messes are a prime target for hungry pests. Making a habit of cleaning up spills right after they happen is a good way to prevent a pest infestation. Keep a kitchen towel handy, and remind your family members to pitch in when they spill something.

Seal Tempting Foods

Open packages of sugar and flour may entice the local pest population to take up residence in your pantry. Investing in a large collection of plastic containers with lids is a good way to avoid this problem. If you don't have a container for a product, seal it with plastic wrapping or put it in a bag.

Look for Potential Pest Entrances

Preventing pests from getting anywhere near your kitchen is a good way to avoid issues. Check the exterior of your entire house for tiny cracks and holes. You may need to fix up the seals around your windows and doors to maximize your protection.

Toss Old Food

Old cans of beans and soup are easy to overlook when they get shoved to the back of your pantry. Remember to go through all of your food storage at least once a year to toss old food and prevent it from becoming a potential target for hungry insects and pests. Over time, packaging can fail, allowing food to leak onto your shelves and create a trail for pests to follow.

Inspect Products at the Grocery Store

One good way to prevent pest infestations is to avoid bringing them home from the grocery store. When browsing through the produce section, carefully check each item for bugs. Even packaged foods, such as salads, may have hidden pests in them. Check boxes and cans in other sections of the grocery store for damage that may allow pests to get inside and hitch a ride home with you.

When in Doubt, Get Help

If you've tried to avoid pantry pests but have discovered signs of an infestation, it's time to call in the professionals. Burns Pest Elimination helps families in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson eradicate annoying pests. Contact us today to get relief from your pest problem so that you can go back to enjoying your home.