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Pigeon Problems and Starling Woes: Dealing with Pesky Birds

Birds sitting on telephone wire.

When Wings in the Sky Cause Trouble Below

Their morning songs add special sweetness to an Arizona sunrise, and it’s inspiring to see their V-shaped formations migrating through the skies. They’re even fun to play with when they’re angry on your smart phone. Birds are wonderful creatures, but they lose their feathered charm when they outnumber the leaves on the trees.

Your Yard Isn’t an Aviary

Most homeowners set out bird houses with the best intentions, but these pretty backyard additions can attract unwanted pests on the wing. Pigeons, starlings and black birds are bullies that drive out preferred company, and even tiny sparrows worm their way into your carefully hung residences. Once these invasive species move in, they take over feeders and bird baths and litter your property with unhealthy droppings that corrode car paint and clog downspouts. Pigeons add insult to injury by damaging roof tiles with their nesting habits, and starlings love to raid your well-tended fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

Birds Are Bad for Business

More than 500 bird species call the Arizona countryside home, but pigeons, starlings, grackles and crows have evolved into urban creatures. If you own a business or manage a large commercial property, it can seem as though these winged pests outnumber your customers. Bird droppings don’t enhance retail entryways, and their evening roosting noises don’t lull hotel guests to sleep. If your HVAC system depends on large rooftop units, you can count on birds to foul the equipment. Their nesting materials clog up housing, damage expensive components and spread parasites and pathogens through the ductwork.

Why Scarecrows Don’t Work

Urban birds around Tucson and Phoenix number into the hundreds of thousands. Some species are seasonal, but most settle in and rarely leave the area. Life is easy for city birds because they have access to plenty of food, fresh water and nesting areas. Pigeons are especially good at foraging throughout the cityscape even without well-meant park bench feedings. The structure of commercial buildings makes them ideal bird condos that attract noisy starlings and grackles, and all that feathered activity contributes to a winged population boom that annoys homeowners, hurts businesses and damages property.

Not all pests are birds, but roaches and rats don’t look down from the trees in amusement at your frustration. When budgies start driving you batty, let Burns Pest Elimination help. We have more than 30 years of experience in bird removal throughout the Tucson and Phoenix area, and we know how to handle bird control without scarecrows.