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Not Every Insect in Your Home Is a Pest

Spider on the floor of a home.
When most people see a small creature with an exoskeleton and too many legs, their immediate reaction is to squish it. After all, bugs are pests, and pests have no place in the home, right? The truth, however, is a little more complicated. Some of the little creatures in your home might actually be doing more good than harm, fighting against the very pests you’re trying to control.

We’re talking about house spiders, mostly. Even though your first reaction to seeing one skittering across your floor might be “nope,” take a moment to consider before reaching for a blunt implement. Spiders may actually help keep your home clear of pests and more.

Phoenix and Tucson homeowners may not want to share their homes with spiders, but these eight-legged bugs might be the lesser of two evils. Remember, spiders eat bugs, including nasty pests like cockroaches, earwigs, flies, mosquitoes and moths. They’re nature’s own pest control system. Leave a few spiders to their work and you’ll find you’re living in a notably less pest-infested home.

Better yet, by eating those bugs, spiders help to stop the spread of disease. Mosquitoes are notorious for spreading a range of illnesses from person to person. Flies are even worse because they land on garbage and then head straight into your house. Spiders will gladly feast on those germ-spreading pests and keep your family safe.

Of course, the prospect of a home overrun with spiders isn’t much more attractive than the thought of a home infested with roaches or flies. Fortunately, spider populations tend to stay small because spiders eat each other. You may notice that your basement fluctuates from many smaller spiders in one season to fewer larger arachnids in another. When two spiders meet, they fight, and the loser becomes dinner.

That natural tendency of spiders can work especially to your advantage if you let a few less dangerous spiders stay in your home. Long-legged house spiders, for instance, love to dine on much more deadly black widows, making them a powerful ally to the savvy homeowner.

If, despite these benefits, you’d rather be spider-free, the surest route is to cut off their food supply. Caulking and blocking points of entry will help, as will using plastic storage containers instead of boxes. Cardboard attracts insects, and insects attract spiders. Many species of spiders love to hitch a ride on firewood, so store yours outside the home to keep from accidentally bringing them in.

For six- and eight-legged invaders alike, Burns Pest Elimination is Arizona’s premier group of pest control experts. Give us a call today to see how we can keep your home safe and pest-free. You can also schedule an appointment online.