Not All Seeds Belong to the Birds

Keep nuisance birds off your lawn with natural pest control methods

Planting new grass in bare areas or overseeding existing turf are both viable methods for ensuring a lush lawn in the coming season. Unfortunately, the seeds you rely on to produce a green oasis look just like a buffet to hungry birds. Try these natural bird control methods to keep your grass safe without harming wildlife.

Close Down the Bird Feeders

If you usually feed birds in your yard, stop doing so for several months before putting down grass seed. This sends a signal that your yard is no longer an easy source of food. Once the bird population starts to thin out, you’ll know that they’ve gone elsewhere and that it’s safe to proceed with your lawn care plans.

Prevent Perching

Placing harmless spikes made of polycarbonate or stainless steel on awnings, roof edges and walls makes it impossible for birds to congregate there and wait for your backyard “restaurant” to open. Bird slopes made of PVC turn inviting ledges into slippery areas that are more trouble than it’s worth to try to land on. These deterrents should convince birds that your yard isn’t worth the frustration even if it is full of grass seed.

Be Startling

Electronic systems that emit the calls of predators warn birds that your yard isn’t a safe place to be. Try to find a system that rotates through a variety of calls. This keeps the “danger” fresh and helps prevent birds from adapting to the repetitive sound of the same call playing over and over.

Rotating through a variety of visual scare tactics can also keep birds away. Create confusion with shiny flash tape or hang up frightening balloons printed with images of large predatory eyes. The more creative you can get, the better these methods will work.

Create a Barrier

Truly tenacious birds may only be put off by a physical blockade that prevents them from reaching your grass seed. Grating, mesh screens, plastic sheets and bird netting are all smart ways to protect your lawn. The added time and expense may be worth it if that’s what it takes to keep birds away long enough for seeds to germinate.

Add a Plastic Owl

Owls are natural predators of small birds, so plastic owls placed in a visible spot can be an effective bird deterrent. Birds can’t tell the difference between a plastic owl and a real owl.

For comprehensive humane bird control, contact us at Burns Pest Elimination. All of the methods that we use to deter nuisance birds from yards in the Phoenix and Tucson areas are meant to work in the long term. Call us today for an estimate, and our specialists will come in and help you reclaim your yard.