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Mosquitoes Still Running Rampant After the Rains


The Importance of Timely Pest Control

Mosquitoes typically peak in the Phoenix and Tucson area between May and October of each year, but the recent occurrence of extremely heavy rain throughout the region has caused more of these pests to hatch than usual. As a result, there’s been a surge of mosquitoes in the area, so it’s important to take steps to protect your family until it finally gets cold enough for this batch to die off.

Are Mosquitoes Truly Dangerous?

Many people erroneously believe that the only danger that mosquitoes present is the risk of developing itchiness in the afflicted areas. Although this is the most common side effect of a mosquito bite, it’s necessary to remember that these bloodsucking pests can transmit diseases. In fact, the Chikungunya virus was diagnosed in eight Arizona residents this year, and it’s possible for this virus to lead to disabling and severe long-term symptoms. When you combine this with the fact that there are several other potentially deadly diseases that can be transmitted from a mosquito bite, it makes perfect sense to take action against any infestations you currently have on your property.

How Can I Protect Myself?

It’s important to always take basic precautions when you’re in an area that has a high concentration of mosquitoes, including wearing bug repellent, long sleeves and long pants. Additionally, you should always attempt to avoid areas that are overrun by mosquitoes. However, this becomes much more problematic when mosquitoes have turned your Phoenix or Tucson property into their home.

Unfortunately, the recent rain has created several areas of standing water, and this often leads to an explosion in the local mosquito population. In other words, if you see swarms of mosquitoes each time you walk outside, you’re going to need to turn to a professional pest control company to get things under control. In the meantime, you can make your property less inviting to mosquitoes by emptying any containers that have standing water in them, and fill in low-lying areas so that water no longer collects during rainstorms. Make sure that you remove any tires or old debris from your property as well because these areas provide ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Who Can I Contact for Help?

Burns Pest Elimination has the necessary experience and tools to effectively combat any mosquito problem in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. You can schedule an appointment with us online.