Is Heat Remediation Right for Your Bed Bug Problem?

Bed bug.

Protect your family by turning up the heat on pesky bed bugs.

Bed bugs: nobody wants them, but they’re so small, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of them. Meanwhile, you and your family continue to suffer from bug bites in addition to the heebie jeebies that just the mention of these tiny critters can inspire. If you have this pest problem in your home or place of business, you may have looked into bed bug treatment and wonder if heat remediation is right for your bed bug problem.

Why Bed Bugs?

It doesn’t matter to these tiny creatures whether they live in cleanliness or squalor, so having bed bugs is no reflection on your housekeeping. Their only source of nutrition is blood, human or animal. They hitchhike with people as they travel from place to place, perhaps stowed away in the fold of a suitcase or between the pages of your day planner. They can survive at length without a meal, according to the Centers for Disease Control, waiting for an opportunity to bite and feast on a blood meal.

Eliminating Bed Bugs

You have a better chance of getting rid of bed bugs if you detect them early before they multiply. Signs of infestation are primarily the small red dots on your skin where they have been feeding (although not all individuals react to bed bug bites), and small brown stains on furniture, particularly in small cracks and other hard to reach areas. Because they are mainly active at night, you probably won’t see the bugs themselves.

Some things you should do right away if you suspect an infestation include:

In addition, you absolutely need professional bed bug treatment to completely eradicate these pests. Since chemicals are often used in and around the sleeping space to treat bed bugs, it is important to have any chemicals or pesticides professionally applied.

Bed bug heat treatment with specially designed equipment is quite effective and won’t threaten your family’s health. You can return to your home shortly after treatment is completed, and the heat permeates all the places bed bugs might hide, like in your baseboards, in wallpaper seams and in your carpet. One treatment can debug up to 12 rooms at one time. If you have bed bugs, children and pets, heat remediation just may be your best option.

Help for Your Bed Bug Situation

In the Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas regions, Burns Pest Elimination has the solutions you need to resolve your bed bug problem. From K-9 detection of the pests to heat treatments that eradicate them, we have the means to send your bed bugs packing. Contact us today for more information.