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Got Norway Rats? 7 Reasons for Rodent Removal

Norway rat eating food.

Identify, prevent, and eliminate Norway rat infestations

Growing to lengths as much as 16 inches and sometimes weighing in at over a pound, the Norway rat is a sight to behold. Although the size of this rodent is certainly indicative of the amount of damage they can cause, Norway rats pose a bigger threat than just damage to property. They also carry a number of diseases and viruses that can contaminate your home and infect your family. If you aren’t yet convinced of the need for professional rodent removal, here are a few more things to consider.

Is the Norway Rat Dangerous?

You and your family can get diseases from the Norway rat in a number of ways. Illnesses can be transmitted by handling rats directly, coming into contact with their urine or feces, or through exposure to viruses and bacteria via other pests that have fed on these germ carriers. Norway rats spread the following diseases:

Some of these illnesses cause flu-like symptoms, while others create a serious health risk. Of course, if anyone in your family is bitten, seek medical help right away. In addition to spreading illness, rats may chew electrical wiring and create a fire hazard.

How to Prevent Rats in Your Home

These rats aren’t just disease carriers; they’re also out to get your food and take advantage of your cozy home. Prevent the risk of Norway rats entering your house with these simple steps:

Avoid an infestation to help keep a variety of disease-causing bacteria and viruses from sickening anyone in your household.

Get Rid of Rats

Although you can take preventive measures, getting rid of an infestation isn’t something you should take on yourself. DIY rodent removal can be dangerous and ineffective. Instead of wasting your money or risking injury and illness, contact a pest control company experienced at dealing with Norway rat infestations.

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