From Pest to Pet: Shopping for a Handful of Fun

5 Insects that Make Interesting Pets

Instead of shrieking and sprinting away, these five creepy, crawly creatures make interesting pets that provide hours of fascinating fun. Even though you can easily find these common insects outside, avoid bringing in backyard bugs as pets. Instead, drop by your local pet store in Arizona to find the best pest to turn into a pet.


Rising to fame in the 1950s, ant farms continue to charm children as they watch the busy insects work together to build tunnels and carry food on their backs. Clear, flat frames provide a glimpse into the social lives of these underground creatures. Ants love leftover fruits and vegetables, and they only need a drop of water to stay happy and healthy.


Despite their fierce claws and stinging tails, scorpions are elegant, interesting insects that love to burrow. These nocturnal creatures can provide years of companionship since they live for a decade with proper care. Emperor scorpions are best for beginners because they require little maintenance and a minimal habitat.


Seeing a tarantula in the backyard is enough to paralyze you with fear, but this hairy insect is a popular pet across America. Belonging to a family with more than 800 species, the giant-sized spider comes in an array of sizes, colors and temperaments that require different housing and care needs. Tarantulas shed their skin and regenerate body parts during molting, a riveting process that occurs every few months to once per year depending on the age and size.


Widely prized throughout Japan as household pets, crickets produce a melodious chirping that many people find relaxing. According to the Smithsonian Institution, these night-singing musicians are a natural security system because they alert you to intruders by suddenly becoming quiet when disturbed by loud noises. Crickets thrive as pets when housed in a large glass bowl covered in soil on the bottom and a cheesecloth on top. They have a simple diet of moist bread, lettuce and fruit.


The garden pests that frustratingly chew holes through the leaves are quite captivating when you can watch them transform from a crawling critter to silk-wrapped cocoon to majestic butterfly. Create a cozy home by tucking small plant branches into a ventilated, clear jar. Caterpillars need moist leaves to eat, and their tanks require daily cleaning. Once the butterfly emerges, you can either release it or keep it as a pet.

Arizona’s dry, hot summers are the perfect habitat for ticks, mosquitoes, ants, crickets, spiders, roaches and scorpions. Call on Burns Pest Elimination to take care of any problems that you are having with unwanted insects invading your Phoenix or Tucson backyard.