Every Mouse Has a House, and Yours Could Be Next

Avoiding Rodents: Tips for Pest Control in Phoenix and Tucson

It’s not difficult to understand why mice find human homes so inviting. Not only do these temperature-controlled spaces provide warmth and protection against dangerous predators, but they’re also filled with plenty of food, bedding and space for the mouse to enjoy. You can trap and remove mice from your home, but this will be an ongoing process if you don’t figure out how to stop them from coming in to begin with.

1. Keep Your Home Clean

It sounds simple enough. You likely already make an effort to clean your home regularly, but unless you complete the right tasks, it might not make that much of a difference.

• Trash bins should be kept as far away from the house as possible. Many people keep them against the side of the building. This can attract mice. Keeping your garbage bins further from the home will lead mice away.

• Keep all dry foods, such as rice, seeds or beans, in airtight containers. This will provide the additional benefit of protecting your food from bugs.

2. Seal Up the Cracks

Holes in the exterior or interior walls of your home allow rodents and other pests to get in. It’s tricky to completely seal a house against mice. They can fit through very small cracks. However, you can deter them by making entering as difficult as possible.

It’s best to start with the interior first and then move to the outside walls. Think about it: If you seal up the outer walls first, where are those little guys going to go? They’ll either remain trapped within or come into your home.

When you find some holes in your walls, look for signs that mice have been there. You might see droppings or notice a certain odor that’s hard to miss. A good material to fill the holes is copper scouring pads designed for cleaning dishes. Mice won’t chew through them, and they won’t rust and wear away over time like steel wool.

3. Seek Professional Assistance

When a mice problem gets out of control, you might need professionals to assist you. The pros can help you set up a network of traps that will reduce the population of mice in your home and get the problem under control. They can also inspect your property to look for issues you might have missed.

If you think you might have a problem with rodents in the Phoenix and Tucson areas, contact us at Burns Pest Elimination today. We have experience handling rodent infestations of all severity levels, and we’re ready to help you take control over your property now.