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Don’t Let Desert Subterranean Termites Ruin Your Summer Fun

While you’re happily dusting off the grill and cleaning the pool, tiny bugs may be planning to devour your home. Termites swarm in Arizona from July through September. If your home is targeted, your repair bills could cause a few fireworks to go off inside your head. Termites can attack wood structures in your home any time of the year, but they like to creep up on you in summer when you’re busy enjoying life and not paying attention.

Why Do Termites Swarm in Summer?

No, they’re not migrating to September’s Arizona Insect Festival. The highly destructive and common desert subterranean termites swarm in the summer months on warm, mildly windy days. Because they need water to survive, you’ll often see them after a rainfall. Although they’re less common in Arizona, you may also encounter drywood termites during the warmer months. Your best defense is to keep your eyes open for signs of termite presence and damage.

Signs of Termite Damage You Don’t Want to Overlook

Burns Keeps Phoenix and Tucson Summers Termite-Free

At Burns Pest Elimination, we manage and prevent summer termites with a variety of effective pest control methods including odorless and non-toxic liquid applications, strategically placed trenches and a variety of professional termiticides. We can also help you defeat bedbugs, rodents, roaches and any other pests that plan to ruin your summer. Schedule service, and spend the season enjoying the sun instead of battling bugs.